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Immune System May Play Role in Obesity

Certain cells less common in belly fat of overweight compared to thinner people: study


Certain Antibiotic/Statin Combos May Be Unsafe Mix: Study

Use of clarithromycin along with the cholesterol-lowering meds had higher risk of side effects


Health Highlights: Dec. 22, 2014

FDA Approves Combo Hepatitis C Treatment /div

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Feeling Stressed?

Winter holidays-do they fill you with joy or with worries about gift-giving and family gatherings?

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Despite Risks, Benzodiazepine Use Highest in Older People

Prescription use of benzodiazepines-a widely used class of sedative and anti-anxiety medications-increases steadily with age, despite the known risks for older people.

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Single-Pill Hepatitis C Treatment

If you have chronic hepatitis C and you've avoided treatment because it sounds so complicated, now's the time to reconsider.

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Full Health Effects of ‘Vaping’ Still Unknown

Jonathan Foulds, professor of public health sciences and psychiatry at Penn State College of Medicine, conducted a study of more than 3,500 former smokers who switched to e-cigarettes.

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