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Cary B. Chapman

Cary Chapman

Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Consultants of NY
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Orthopaedic Surgery; Sports Medicine

Orthopaedic Surgery

Sports Medicine

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About Cary Chapman

Medical School: Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

Graduation Year: 1998

Professional Webpage:

Honors and Awards:

Castle Connelly Top Regional Doctor , 2018

Castle Connelly Top Regional Doctor, 2017

Castle Connelly Top Regional Doctor, 2016

Castle Connelly Top Regional Doctor, 2015

Top Regional Doctor, Castle Connely, 2014

Special Licenses/Certifications:

American Board of Orthopedic Surgery


American Board of Orthopedic Surgery - Sports Medicine Subspecialty Certificate


Professional Activity:

America Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons

Orthopedic Trauma Association

American Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Society

Medical Society of the State of New York

Publications, Lectures and Presentations:

Looze C, Capo J, Ryan M, Begly J, Chapman C, Swanson D, Singh B, Strauss E. Evaluation and Management of Osteochondral Lesions of the Talus. Cartilage 2017, Jan ;8(1): 19-30


Vira S, Ramme A, Chapman C, Xia D, Regatte RR, Chang G. Juvenile Particulated Osteochondral Allografting for Treatment of Osteochondral Lesions of the Talus: Detection of Altered Repair Tissue Biochemical Composition Using 7 Tesla MRI and T2 Mapping. J Foot Ankle Surg 2017, Jan-Feb;56(1);26-29


Dhanaraj D, Chapman C. Osteochondral Lesions of the Talus Revisited. Bull Hosp Jt Dis. 2015;73(2):134-140


Onyekwelu I, Hasan S, Chapman CB. Ilizarov external fixator to salvage stump length and treat infected nonunions after amputation. Orthopedics. 2013 Aug 1;36(8):e990-4.


Weatherall J, Chapman CB, Shapiro S.  Postoperative Second Metatarsal Franctures Associated With Suture-Button Implant in Hallux Valgus Surgery.  Foot Ankle Int 34:104-110, Jan 2013


Pino A, Taghva S, Chapman CB, Bowker JH. Lower Limb Amputations in Diabetic Patients. Orthopaedics 34: Dec 2011


Van der ven A, Chapman CB, Bowker JH. Charcot Arthropathy of the Foot and Ankle. J Amer Acad Orthop Surg Aug 2009


Rathur S, Chapman CB, Clifford PD. Posterior Ankle Impingement: Os Trigonum Syndrome. Amer J Orthopedics May 2009


Pino A, Chapman CB. A Simple Suture Technique for Achilles Rupture Repair. Foot Ankle Int 30:458-60, May 2009


Su BW, Heyworth BE, Protospsaltis TS, Lipton CB, Sinicropi SM, Chapman CB, Kuremsky MA, Rosenwasser MP. Basicervical Versus Intertrochanteric Fractures: An Analysis of Radiograhic and Functional Outcomes. Orthopeadics 29:Oct 2006


Chapman CB, Su BW, Sinicropi S, Bruno R, Strauch RJ, Rosenwasser MP. Vitallium Radial Head Prosthesis for Acute and Chronic Fractures and Fracture-dislocations of the Radial Head. J Shoulder Elb Surg 15:463-473, Jul-Aug 2006


Chapman CB, Mann JA. Distal Tibial Osteochondral Lesion Treated with Osteochondral Allografting: A Case Report. Foot Ankle Int 26:997-1000, Nov 2005


Chapman CB, Mattern C, Levine WN. Arthroscopically Assisted Core Decompression of the Proximal Humerus for Avascular Necrosis. J Arthroscopy 20:1003-1006, Nov 2004


Raia FJ, Chapman CB, Schweppe MS, Herrera MF, Michelsen CB, Rosenwasser MP. Randomized Evaluation of Unipolar versus Bipolar Hemiarthroplasty for Femoral Neck Fractures in the Elderly. Clin Orthop 414:259-265, Sept 2003


Chapman CB, Herrera MF, Binenbaum G, Schweppe M, Feldman F, Rosenwasser MP. Classification of Intertrochanteric Fractures with Computed Tomography: A Study of Intra- and Inter-observer Variability and Prognositic Value. Amer J Orthopedics 32:443-449, Sept 2003


Lee FY, Chapman CB. In Situ Pinning of the Hip for Stable Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis on a Radiolucent Operating Table. J Ped Orthop 23:27-29, Jan/Feb 2003


Chapman CB, Ristic S, Rosenwasser MP. Complete Median Nerve Transection as a Complication of Carpal Tunnel Release with a Carpal Tunnel Tome: A Case Report. Amer J Orthopedics, p 652-653, Aug 2001


Herrera MF, Chapman CB, Roh M, Strauch RJ, Rosenwasser MP. Treatment of Unstable Distal Radius Fractures with Cancellous Allograft and External Fixation. J Hand Surg 24-A;1269-1278, Nov 1999


Dhanaraj D, Hamula M, Chapman CB, Juvenile Allograft Cartilage Implantation (DeNovo NT®) for Treatment of Osteochondral Defects (OCDs) of the Talus.

American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society 29th Annual Meeting, Hollywood FL, July 2013


Truchetet A, Rao S, Chapman CB, Regatte RR, Mootanah R. Stress Distribution in the First Metatarsophalangeal Joint for Different Foot Types

10th International Symposium on Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering, Berlin, Germany April 2012


Gutierrez, G.M., Mroczek, K, Chapman C, Sheskier, S, Proprioception after ankle instability surgery – A pilot study.

5th International Ankle Symposium; Lexington, KY, Oct 2012

Park JH, Mroczek K, Chapman CB, Sheskier S, Civarra G, Weatherall J, Rao S. Reliability of Radiographic Grades Used to Assess 1st Metatarsophalangeal Joint Osteoarthritis

American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society 27th Annual Summer Meeting, Keystone CO, July 2011

Osteoarthritis Research Society International, World Congress on Osteoarthritis, San Diego CA, September 2011


Shapiro S, Popkin C, Hodgkins C, Chapman CB. Stress Fractures as a Complication of a non osteotomy technique for IM angle reduction in adult hallux valgus surgery utilizing a novel non absorbable suture-button implant.

American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society 25th Annual Meeting, Vancouver, Canada, July 2009


Popkin C, Chapman CB, Schwartz J, SanGiovanni T. Opening Wedge Proximal 1st Metatarsal Osteotomy for Hallux Valgus with plate fixation

American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society 25th Annual Meeting, Vancouver, Canada, July 2009


Chapman CB, Raia FJ, Quitkin HM, Rosenwasser MP. Botulinum Toxin for the Prevention of Post Traumatic Elbow Stiffness.

American Academy of Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons, 18th Annual Closed Meeting, Napa Valley, CA, October 2001


Chapman CB, Sinicropi SM, Nakhie M, Rosenwasser MP. Radial Head Prosthesis for Fracture Dislocations of the Elbow.

Adrian E. Flatt Residents & Fellows Conference in Hand Surgery, 54th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Surgery of the Hand, Boston, MA, September 1999


Herrera MF, Schweppe MS, Yaron I, Chapman CB, Rosenwasser MP. Computed tomography for the Classification of Intertrochanteric Fractures.

American Orthopaedic Association 113th Annual Meeting, Sun Valley, ID, June 1999


Herrera MF, Chapman CB, Strauch RJ, Rosenwasser MP. Treatment of Unstable Distal Radius Fractures with Cancellous Allograft and External Fixation.               

Adrian E. Flatt Residents & Fellows Conference in Hand Surgery, 53rd Annual Meeting of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand, Minneapolis, MN, September 1998


Educational Background:

2004  Fellow, Roger A. Mann M.D. Adult Reconstructive Foot and Ankle Fellowship, Oakland, CA

1999-2004 Resident, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, New York, NY


1998-1999  Harrison L. McLaughlin Fellow in Orthopedic Trauma Research, Trauma Training Center, Columbia University, New York, NY

1995-1998 Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons New York, NY 


1998-1992 The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD


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Additional Locations

1534 Victory Blvd
Staten Island, NY 10314

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