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Ask Super Doctors - Dr. Joel G. Gotvald

Ask Super Doctors

Dr. Joel G. Gotvald (Doctor Profile)

Question: What are the latest modern treatments for varicose veins and spider veins of the legs?

Answer: There are many new and exciting vein therapies available that expand people's options for improving the look and feel of their legs. Most of these treatments are performed within our office and are minimally invasive. For varicose veins, laser therapy and radiofrequency therapy have revolutionized the field. Options include Venefit, EVLT, Clarivein and Varithena.

All offer no incisions and no significant recovery time. For spider veins, there are new FDA-approved medications that have significantly improved patient satisfaction rates. Asclera is now a preferred sclerotherapy medication due to its numbing quality and the lack of procedural discomfort. Thermal heat therapies such as laser and VeinGogh are also becoming popular. My advice to people seeking leg vein therapy is to seek out a board-certified vascular surgeon. Vascular surgeons complete both residencies and fellowships in vein procedures.

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