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Ask Super Doctors – Dr. Jennifer Krejci, MD

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Dr. Jennifer Krejci (Doctor Profile)


Question: How has the hair transplant procedure changed with the use of robotics?

Answer: Robotic assisted hair transplantation can improve the patient experience with its ability to perform tedious and meticulous tasks with maximum precision and steadiness and eliminates the use of an incision to obtain grafts. The unnatural looking "plugs" are long gone. We can now use the ARTAS Robotic Restoration system to extract grafts from the donor area with very little pain and downtime.

Hair on the scalp grows in groupings of 1 to 4 hairs and are referred to as follicular units. The robot recognizes each unit, counts the number of hairs, measures the angle of the emerging hairs, and dissects them at amazing speed. The grafts are then removed and placed by hand into the area of hair loss to create a natural appearance. In the future, the robot may also take on the role of placing grafts. Robots won't replace humans but with their capacity for precise, repetitive movements they are very well suited for the hair transplant procedure.

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