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Ask Super Doctors - Dr. Eric M. Haas

Ask Super Doctors
Dr. Eric M. Haas (Doctor Profile)

Question: Did you know you can have colon surgery without a visible scar?

Answer: New technology is allowing us to treat patients with colon diseases using minimally invasive surgery. Traditional colon surgery requires a large open incision across the entire belly. But with today's innovations we can perform laparoscopic surgery through a single 1-inch incision that is "hidden" in the navel or below the belt line. This novel procedure is offered by only a handful of colorectal surgeons in the country and results in great outcomes and fast recovery. Patients with colon cancer, diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's Disease and more can recover with far less pain, a shorter hospital stay and faster return to everyday life. There is nothing easy about hearing that you or a loved one needs colon surgery, but such advanced procedures help facilitate treatment and speed recovery.

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