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Ask Super Doctors - Dr. Perry Liu, MD

Ask Super Doctors

Dr. Perry Liu, MD  (Doctor Profile)

Question: Most plastic surgeons are breast specialists. How are you different?


I am a microvascularly trained plastic surgeon who performs unique types of procedures. In addition to the usual cosmetic procedures, such as breast augmentations, reductions, and fat-grafting. I perform complex breast reconstructions, including microvascular DIEP free flaps, correct complicated cosmetic breast deformities from previous surgeries, and have developed novel techniques that decrease patient recovery times and improve final outcomes. My specialties include the unique “One-Stage” nipple-sparing breast reconstruction and pectoralis major-sparing reconstruction that avoid the typical post-reconstruction deformities and arm weakness. I also treat radiation injuries to the breast. These procedures are designed to produce results with less downtime and faster recovery.

Question: What other procedures differentiate your practice?


Beyond the full array of common plastic surgeries, I specialize in two unique cosmetic procedures that help many women: calf reduction surgery and high-definition arm liposuction. I am one of few international specialists who can define one’s calves and ankles through high-definition liposuction, which attracts patients from around the world. I can also define a woman’s arms without leaving an ugly scar. A natural and beautiful result isn’t only achieved by surgical skill; it is achieved by the convergence of art and surgical skill. 

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